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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Love love loved this! What an awesome and touching story. Amazing directing and cinematography as well.

Anonymous picture

what a sweet movie well made as well recommend it

Anonymous picture

A beautiful movie - visually and plot wise. It certainly tugged at my heart strings!

Anonymous picture

Sweet, and compelling. Loved the era, she was beautiful.

Minami avatar

My main objective of watching this film was to find out how Eilis's name was pronounced (it's all I could think of while I was reading the book), but once I starting watching I couldn't stop. Such a beautiful story, and Saoirse Ronan is a gem!

Anonymous picture

This was a beautiful movie. Among the issues it graced: love, home, family, hard decisions and opportunity. It wasn't over-complicated and it rung true as a result of this.

Anonymous picture

A beautiful love story that is both heartwarming and deep. Anyone who has left the world they know behind to set out on an adventure will relate to the roller coaster of emotions, doubts and difficult decisions. Really thought-provoking as well as visually stunning.