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The Flowers of War
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The Flowers of War

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Really strongly acted film, and great production design. It is very suspenseful, with touching performances. Highly recommended.

Anonymous picture

Not a great movie

Anonymous picture

Holds one spellbound! Tragic events depicted well.

Anonymous picture

Love this movie!!!!highly recommended

alice avatar

This is a great film and deserved all the nominations. Portrayed the truth about what happened in Nanking in 1937. Highly recommended.

Anonymous picture

I loved the movie - sub-titles didn't worry me. The acting was beautiful and setting of the story was truthful as to what happened in Nanking. Story was believable and I enjoyed the film and I especially loved Christian Bale's role in it

Anonymous picture

I "love" watching The Flowers of War especially being a bloody and gory film about war between the Japanese and the Chinese. The dialogue is in Jap and Chinese and the sub titles drove me to turn it off.
At my age, I want to be entertained not abused.