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Guard Dog
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Guard Dog

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Comments (5)

Cosmic avatar

Ugh - just wasted a credit. Was hoping for less Beavis and Butthead: the pic and description make it look light-hearted.

Anonymous picture

Very funny, and sweet.

Anonymous picture

Reminds me of my Jack Russel , He barks at everything. I fear he will kill me of lack of sleep when he wakes me up at 3am to go outside every night to go outside and wake the neighbors. They may kill me too. Then he wakes me up again at 6am wanting me to fix his food. I try to ...Read more

Minami avatar

Not what I expected!

Ariel avatar

A whimsical look into the life of the overly protective guard dog. It's absurdity mixed with playfulness and an ending that will catch you off guard!