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Anonymous picture

First saw this on UK TV about three years ago. Affected me profoundly then and I was thrilled to find it on kanopy today. I found it no less powerful and I was physically shaking at the end - again. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing to criticise about this movie. If it makes anyone ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very effective short on a slice of what it must be like to live as a refugee. Upsetting and well done.

Anonymous picture

Dizziness-inducing shaky camera, and a plot--comfortable family have themselves smuggled into a warzone--that makes no sense. Yeah, there's a message in here somewhere, but mostly it's just brutal to watch, on every level.

Anonymous picture

Painful to watch and can't help but but bring to mind that this is happening somewhere in the world today.

Anonymous picture

A unique, strong short movie helping people feel a little bit more empathy towards refugees. It might not make any sense why this British family is leaving home but at the same time it doesn't make any sense why would a refugee not leave home if it was in a war zone. For all these people who ...Read more

Dylan avatar

We have several refugee crises around the world, and while it is certain that many of us care deeply about our fellow human beings, its possible to become fatigued and numb to the drumbeat of tragic news. This short film is an excellent "wake up call" as it allows Western viewers to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Disgraceful to deliberately inflict that on your children - it is abuse

Anonymous picture

No one would willingly or knowingly subject their children to such children. The point of the movie is to raise awareness of the plight of refugees and what they have to endure to seek the freedom and safety that those of us in stable democracies take for granted.

Ariel avatar

Loved how the refugee crisis was demonstrated in this short. Very shocking and eye opening.

Lauren avatar

A stark, unique take on a refugee story that is very well acted and effectively tense and sobering.